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Bisatel French télécom opérator voice and provider VoIP services MOBILE, make your SIM CARD, TRUNK, VoIP SIP, IAX, H323 SMS

            Best price

            Reseller services

            Managed services

    * Wholesale A-Z Termination TRUNK

    * DID

    * EUR and USD accounts

    * Different routes, premium, standard, wholesale

    * Protocol: SIP/IAX and H323

    * High call quality

    * Lowest turn around times in the processing the requests

            TRUNK SIP

        Call shop

        Call center


    * Start your telecom company at Zero start up cost.

    * Real-time billing and multi level reseller architecture.

    * Customisable end user billing portals.

    * Customisable soft phones.


Bisatel Voice over ip phone VoIP SIP IAX  line quality for call shop, call center and resseler. Post paid or prepaid account. Quick account activation on line. Price low coast.

Interconnections with more than multiple carriers we provide you the best terminating quality to the cheapest prices available on the VOIP market.

Use VoIP like you use any telephone - you pick up the phone, hear the dial tone and dial the telephone number of your choice. There are no extra numbers to dial and no special routines to follow. You don't have to be a tech wizard to use our service, only someone who wants a great price and great features from their phone company every day.

And if you'd like to surf the web and use your VoIP service at the same time, the phone adapter can share your Broadband Internet connection with your computer. Talk on the phone and surf the net with ease. (Depending on your home network setup, this may require additional equipment.)

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